Indicative values

Up to 3 professional valuations from potential investors

You will remain anonymous and still receive real-life valuations of your firm avoiding any cost or commitments that would occur when mandating an investment bank to conduct a professional approach of financial investors.

This service is free of charge unless you are interested to know the identity of the investors that have produced the valuations for your firm.

For a free valuation all you need is to invest is your personal time and, at your choice, involve a trusted individual (i.e. tax advisor, lawyer, etc.) to assist you in communicating with us.

Scope of service

1. Up to 3 Valuations

Fair Value Partners will submit your anonymized valuation input data to selected pre-approved private equity firms. Only pre-screened, long standing companies with a proven transaction track record will be contacted. In addition, Fair Value Partners will select such private equity firms that are believed to best match your company’s business background (i.e. company size, industry segment, international reach, etc.). The number of valuation feedbacks received solely depends on the individual judgement of the individual private equity firm and can not be guaranteed by Fair Value Partners.

2. Superior Valuation Quality

Instead of feeding historic data into stiff models your data will be analyzed and interpreted by experienced investment professionals in light of current market and financing conditions using state-of-the-art valuation procedures. You will be provided with a first indication of your company’s attractiveness to the financial community in general and to such investor in particular. Such indicative valuation naturally does not represent a firm offer to purchase any assets or shares and does not constitute any obligation to sell.

3. No Risk

If you choose so, you and your company will remain anonymous in the entire process. You are free to use or to not use the valuation results:

  • You and your company will remain anonymous throughout the entire process
  • You are free to end the process after having received your valuations or at any time before
  • Valuations are free of charge
  • Fees will occur only, if you want to know the identity of the bidders and decide to enter the post-valuation matching process. This will require also your identity to be disclosed.

4. Option: Contact Interested Party (fees apply)

A disclosing fee will occur only if you would like to know the potential investor’s name or would like a confirmation of a valuation partner’s initial interest. You might opt to contact your bidder to discuss a concrete investment or decide to enter into a post-valuation data exchange process through our website. Any post valuation service will require you to disclose your identity and company name to us.

For any questions, please contact Stefan Herborg

Fair Value for your Shares

From now on entrepreneurs with a serious interest in a professional valuation of their company are offered privileged access to a hand picked network of financial investors who will perform a valuation of a company in light of current market conditions.

Hübner Schlösser & Cie is competence partner

Fair Value Partners and Hübner Schlösser & Cie are proud to announce their partnership to support FVP in its ongoing endeavor to identify the best investors in each and every industry.

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