Fair Value Partners

Professional real-life market valuation for medium-sized companies not publicly traded

Custom Tailored

From our experience every company is different. Hence, Fair Value Partners invites experienced investors only to analyse your anonymous but real company data.

A company's final purchase price is the result of an individual's assessment of risks and chances and not generated from stiff financial models »

Highly valuable

Sound and real-life market valuation performed by experienced investors and private equity firms

A fair company market valuation must be based upon company specific, true and relevant data »


Company owners profit from direct access to the reputable private equity world and financial community without discosing their identity

By remaining anonymous the user keeps his data protected and controls the valuation process »

About Fair Value Partners

More than 20 years experience in M&A, Corporate Finance and Management Consulting

"Hard facts and entrepreneurial intuition constitute a sound basis for superior decisions. Fair Falue Partners delivers the facts from an unbiased market valuation"