Anonymous access to true market valuation

You and your company will remain unknown - also to Fair Value Partners

As a company owner you can profit from direct access into a reputable private equity community and financial world built from more than 20 years' activity in M&A, Corporate Finance and Management Consulting

Substantial advantages avoiding common problems:

  • no market rumours, or unsolicited approaches due to anonymized process
  • no up-front cost for experts who do not invest their own money
  • no pressure to initiate or continue a sales process in case the bid levels are too low
  • substantially improved decision basis without any obligation vis-à-vis third parties

For any questions, please contact Stefan Herborg

Fair Value for your Shares

From now on entrepreneurs with a serious interest in a professional valuation of their company are offered privileged access to a hand picked network of financial investors who will perform a valuation of a company in light of current market conditions.

Hübner Schlösser & Cie is competence partner

Fair Value Partners and Hübner Schlösser & Cie are proud to announce their partnership to support FVP in its ongoing endeavor to identify the best investors in each and every industry.

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How to reach Fair Value Partners

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