Company specific market valuation

Fact based and unbiased valuation process

Fair Value Partners allows company owners to remain anonymous but still collect a professional market valuation for their privately held enterprise by soliciting indicative bids from private equity investors. No expensive investment process with long committment tail periods as required and conducted by investment banks or business brokers is required.

Fair Value Partners substantially improves the decision basis in the event of:

  • Sale of company shares or assets 
  • Succession planning
  • Re-financing with your bank or potential external investors
  • Shareholder exit
  • Management buyout (MBO) or management buy in (MBI)
  • Merger as part of your expansion strategy.
  • Pre-IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  • Verification of unsolicited offers
  • and many more …

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Fair Value for your Shares

From now on entrepreneurs with a serious interest in a professional valuation of their company are offered privileged access to a hand picked network of financial investors who will perform a valuation of a company in light of current market conditions.

Hübner Schlösser & Cie is competence partner

Fair Value Partners and Hübner Schlösser & Cie are proud to announce their partnership to support FVP in its ongoing endeavor to identify the best investors in each and every industry.

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How to reach Fair Value Partners

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