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"Hard facts and entrepreneurial intuition constitute a sound basis for superior decisions. Fair Value Partners delivers the facts from an unbiased market valuation"

Dipl. Kfm, MBA, Stefan Herborg, General Manager

About the founder

As opposed to "normal" owners or partners of privately held companies who experience a company sale only once in their life, Stefan Herborg has lived through company transactions many times in many different roles - buy side, sell side, as owner and advisor. Fair Value Partners aims to bridge contradicting interests and expectation gaps between buyer and seller or owner and banks by providing an unbiased market view to the question of fair company or asset valuation of privately held companies not publicly traded.

Apart from managing Fair Value Partners Stefan Herborg remains to be active as M&A advisor in a boutique M&A Corporate finance firm based in Germany. Within the last 14 years he has advised in more than 30, mostly international transaction processes ranging from € 1 to € 200 mn.

Our Belief

There is no such thing as a predefined price for a company or its assets. Ultimately, a purchase price is established by real people and their individual assessments of risks and chances as well as the market environment and not by stiff financial models.

For a complex valuation matter there is now an easy solution: Fair Value Partners.


A fair valuation has to be based on true, company specific and relevant data. To assess a valuation its author’s nature of interest must be apparent. That’s why only potential investors are being approached and not business brokers. The data requested by Fair Value Partners and submitted for valuations are real, anonymous and the same to all investors.


A solid valuation must be based upon current market conditions which are known best by active investors who have sufficient insight into currently realizable financial terms. That’s why Fair Value Partners requires anonymized but real data which are analyzed for best available financing conditions by active top private equity firms and their investment professionals.


Company transaction processes are based on trust. Allow us to be your trusted partner offering an unbiased and purely fact driven valuation procedure. We are dedicated to pre-select those investors from the financial community that we believe would be best suited to actually invest into your company. That’s why Fair Value Partners do not belong to a large financial institution but is independently owned and managed by the founder.

In case you are interested to find professional transaction execution support that goes beyond the valuation service provided by Fair value Partners please feel free to contact us any time for recommendations.

For any questions, please contact Stefan Herborg

Fair Value for your Shares

From now on entrepreneurs with a serious interest in a professional valuation of their company are offered privileged access to a hand picked network of financial investors who will perform a valuation of a company in light of current market conditions.

Hübner Schlösser & Cie is competence partner

Fair Value Partners and Hübner Schlösser & Cie are proud to announce their partnership to support FVP in its ongoing endeavor to identify the best investors in each and every industry.

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How to reach Fair Value Partners

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